Feel-good Caribbean food in minutes!

Enjoy the taste of the Caribbean with our new Caribbean Creations range*. Inspired by Ainsley’s family recipes and his travels around the Caribbean we’ve created a range of tasty seasonings, curry pastes, sauces, sides, easy mixes and meal kits so you can enjoy the flavours of the sunshine islands at home.

Brighten up your weeknight dinners with a quick and easy-to-cook curry using one of our seasonings and serve with a speedy side of Ainsley Rice or a traditional roti using our Roti Mix. Or try a delicious Caribbean Fried Chicken or Ultimate Jamaican Jerk Meal Kit – an easy peasy way to serve up a flavour-packed meal for the family. Our light and fluffy Sweetcorn Fritter Mix is perfect for a lunch or brunch and don’t forget to spice things up with a splash of Ainsley Hot Pepper Sauce or Curried Red Pepper Ketchup!

Whether you’re already a fan of Caribbean food or if it’s something new for you to explore, there’s plenty to enjoy from our Caribbean Creations range – from fresh and fruity to hot and spicy. So go on, grab an Ainsley!

*Available in selected Tesco stores now.