19th September 2019

Ainsley’s Market Menu starts Thursday 10th October, SBS Australia

Ainsley’s brand new series starts on SBS Australia on Thursday 10th October. Ainsley’s Market Menu sees Ainsley travelling around Australia on a fun-filled food adventure through some of the Australia’s most diverse and colourful produce markets. Armed only with a few pots and pans and a hunger for the best fresh produce, Ainsley has only a few hours to explore the market, find his ingredients and conceive some quick and tasty dishes to win over the crowds. At each market Ainsley has booked a stall in a prime position. Arriving at dawn with little more than some cooking equipment, Ainsley sets about creating his unique market menu by the time the locals are ready for lunch!

The wonderful diversity and vibrancy of modern Australia is reflected in the fantastic range of fresh produce to be found at the markets.  I loved cooking up some tasty dishes with the fabulous ingredients I found in each market and I think that everyone who joins me on this trip around the country is going to find it as exciting as I did.” Ax

Ainsley’s Market Menu – Thursday 10th October, 7.30pm on SBS Australia and Sunday 13th October, SBS Food.