Our Ainsley Harriott products are delicious on their own but sometimes we all need a little inspiration and some new meal ideas. Did you know that you can use our couscous to add flavour and to thicken stews, tagines and sauces? Or that you can stuff a butternut squash/pepper or tomato with our couscous and roast for a delicious vegetarian main?

Coat fish with our couscous for a tasty, crispy dish? Or what about using our Szechuan cup soup as a base for a quick chicken stir-fry? No? We’re here to help with loads of inspirational ideas and ways to add some deliciousness to your meals. We have fresh salads, flavour-packed bakes, tasty sides, healthy snacks and quick and easy mains – all using our products to bring a world of flavour to your plate.

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